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Whole-House System Approach

The two related versions of the “whole-house system approach” that we refer to and agree with are by the US Dept of Energy, and the Florida Energy Systems Consortium (click on the names for details). These are excellent guidelines based on well researched information. These guides are necessarily general. Your house however is unique, especially considering its peculiar environment and your individual use of it. That is where we come in. We will help you to make the appropriate decisions for your specific house, needs and budget.

To thoroughly and professionally assess the energy efficiency status of your home you can haveEnergy Auditing or Energy Modeling done. We can provide you with a list of local professionals who will assess your current situation and to provide cost prioritized recommendations for improvements. They can also do Testing to verify the effect of any energy-efficiency improvements and they can give your project a HERS Index or other rating. If your project is a Gut Rehab or new construction it can qualify for a LEED for Homes rating.

Note : We do not subcontract or charge our customers anything for the participation of energy auditors, engineers, design or Architectural professionals on our projects.

If you decide not to hire a specialist I can come out and suggest a high impact/ low cost energy efficiency upgrade based on the most obvious and cost effective improvements like air-sealing, insulation, shading, duct sealing, variable flow pool pump, hot water heater blanket and timer, radiant barrier, etc.

NOTE : Following is a list of things to consider as part of an energy efficiency upgrade to your home. We can incorporate any or all of these options into a cost effective plan to meet your goals (with or without Solar). Hiring an experienced building contractor reduces inefficiency and consolidates responsibility to that one company; Kurt Johnsen Energy Systems.

  • Air-Sealing, Radiant Barriers, and Insulation
  • Build and/ or install Shading (trellises, porches, awnings, shades, blinds, etc.)
  • Replace your pool pump with an energy saving variable flow pump (click here for video).  **GRU offers a cash rebate (click here to visit website) of $250.00 to customers who have them installed by a partnering contractor; Kurt Johnsen Energy Systems.
  • Service or replace Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC), including duct testing and sealing.
  • Modify or replace Electrical fixtures and lamps for energy conservation and other concerns like aesthetics, night-lighting, etc.
  • Install “Energy Star” approved products, including appliances, lighting, ceiling fans, kitchen and bath exhaust fans, etc.
  • Install Monitoring Systems to track energy use, humidity, temperature, etc.
  • Replace old Windows and Doors with energy efficient ones.
  • Install a new Cool Roof  (Cool Roofing).
  • Install EPA approved Wood-Burning stoves and fireplaces.

Note: We will assist you with processing all Federal, State and Utility paperwork for Incentives and Rebates.

Note: We are fully responsible for all subcontracted work and we partner only with local professionals that we know and trust.

Following is a list of products that are compatible with the “Whole-House System Approach”. We will be adding to this list in the future, as time allows. Please check back.


Daikin Multi-Split Systems
Programmable Thermostat
Dryer Vent

Variable Flow Pool Pumps
 by Pentair (click here)


Temp & Humidity
The Energy Detective
Mini Power Minder

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