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Especially here in the South, solar thermal refers to solar hot water heating and solar pool heating. If you have enough sun exposure within proximity to your house or pool it’s a no-brainer. Solar is THE way to go. With solar thermal the initial cost is an investment which will soon be paying dividends each month (after it has paid for itself). Conventional alternatives will always be an expense, every month, from now on. In effect you are already making the monthly payments on a Solar Hot Water system. You may as well actually get one!

After your solar system has paid for itself, not only will it still have much of it’s original value, but every dollar you save going forward will really be worth $1.25 or more because it is like non-taxable income. In summary; with this one move you can change your hot water use dynamic from losing money and harming the environment to saving money and helping the environment. Go to The #’s page to see the math and for information on low interest loans.

For Solar Hot Water Heating here in North Florida due to freezing temperatures we recommend either the “Indirect Pumped System” with propylene glycol antifreeze solution or the “Drain Back” system which automatically drains the collector when it gets cold. The pump for the Indirect Pumped System can optionally be powered by it’s own (small) solar panel. Please call us for more information. If you like, in the interim, you can get more information at the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) website. To visit, click here. Included will be a section on system types.

With Solar Pool Heating the payback is the quickest and the savings more dramatic than perhaps any energy saving choice you can make. If you have a pool we can only hope that you have no other heat source yet.

We offer “turn-key” Solar Thermal System installations. We buy from several different suppliers so that we can get you the best match and the best deal for your needs. We have been working carefully in our client’s homes for over 20 years. We know how to do the job right and with as little disruption and inconvenience to you as possible. I am a State Certified Solar Contractor (Lic # CVC 56825) and have trained for Solar PV and Solar Thermal at the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC). I will personally be handling your project’s design, jobsite management, and quality control. I will be your point of contact throughout. Please call me with any questions or comments. Thank you.

If you have a swimming pool you should consider replacing the pump right now with a Variable Flow Pump. The savings can be very substantial. See the following video for a good explanation. Then call me for pricing. GRU offers a cash rebate (click here to visit website) of $250.00 to customers who install them.


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